Cottage living

At one time cottages were places owned by the affluent or by those who benefitted from a choice made generations ago.
For many cottages have been an unaffordable dream…until now.
The tides have turned, and many are choosing to buy a cottage as their family “homestead” and rent or own a smaller place in the city.
Heading north where homes are typically more affordable means that you can actually have your dream house, and for those who have taken the plunge the commute is worth it, and the living is easy.
As “virtual” work becomes more commonplace cottages can now be as functional and perhaps even more so, than our city homes.
They are often more environmentally friendly given the consciousness when they are being built, fueled by local government requirements and the sheer respect for the nature that surrounds them. Most cottages are no longer “seasonal” and boast plumbing, heating and amenities like dishwasher, washers and dryers offering everything you need.
The high price of housing in urban centres, the increasing likelihood of remote/virtual work and the desire to enhance quality of life are making cottage homes a reality for many people. We have lots of projects underway to help add some creature comforts to cottages to allow for these lifestyle changes so if you need any thoughts, help or someone to talk to – give us a call.
We’ll respond when we get back from our paddle around the lake😉