BetterHomesTO: Your guide to Energy Efficient Renovations

MOSS SUND has been creating low energy, sustainable homes for over 25 years.  Over that time the energy target has decreased to the point where Net Zero homes are now within reach.  A net zero home is so efficient it can produce, on site, as much energy as it consumes.  With some projects we can get there now, with others there may need to be a phased plan, but renovating without taking a serious look at energy efficiency is a thing of the past.

The City of Toronto has declared a Climate Emergency and is committed to increasing efforts to combat climate change.  As part of this mandate, they have set a target that all new homes are to be Net Zero by 2030 and all existing homes in the city must be upgraded to net zero by 2050.

To aid in this effort, the City has created the web site to provide information to homeowners about energy efficient renovations including net zero – what it means, the benefits and features.  They have also created a series of webinars on how to renovate your home to be more comfortable, healthy and climate-friendly.  The 10 webinar series covers the following topics:

Planning your renovation

Rebates and Financing

Energy Considerations

Your Building Envelope: Air Sealing, Insulation, Windows and Doors

High Efficiency Heating and Cooling

Heat Pumps

Solar PV and Batter Storage

Preparing your Home for an Electric Vehicle

Introduction to Passive House

Net Zero Homes: Toronto’s Future

There is a lot of great information in there, providing homeowners an understanding of the vocabulary and issues around net zero homes.  Be warned – it could get overwhelming!  Renovations of any kind are complicated and a lot for a homeowner to take on – even more so one that targets net zero.

Architects are a valuable resource when planning your project.  Service offerings vary from firm to firm, but many (like MOSS SUND) will work with you from the initial idea to the end of the construction warranty period.  They can assemble and co-ordinate the team necessary to achieve your objectives – energy advisors, structural, mechanical, solar, contractor, interior designer, landscape design etc. Familiar with the various types of housing built in the city over the years, we are experts at guiding homeowners through renovations, additions, and new home construction to create healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient homes that also look great and feel good to live in!

Together, we can prepare for the future and take steps to ensure we are tackling climate change one house at a time.

Renovation Webinar Series