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This Muskoka cottage was redesigned to create a more functional space for family and guests and to improve access and views to the lake. The new design carefully reorients the principal rooms in order to maximize privacy from nearby cottages and to take full advantage of the most scenic views. A breezeway connects the original structure with the addition, which houses the bedrooms, bathroom and a laundry room. The new design provides direct access to the lake from the bedrooms, while the breezeway provides a partition between the communal spaces and the sleeping quarters, improving privacy and noise control. The origami-style roof has multiple slopes. The varied roofline was strategically designed to channel rainfall in specific directions and to maximize views to the outdoors from certain locations in the cottage, while enclosing other rooms for greater privacy and coziness. The bunky also received a makeover and small extension to more comfortably accommodate overnight guests.

Our client came to us with the goal of updating and expanding a classic kit cottage from the 60s. High on the wish list was a space to play ping pong on those rainy cottage days!  

The cottage had great bones, but as, cottages often do, suffered from renovations and additions over the years that were cluttered and not well executed.  MOSS SUND worked with the client on and off over a number of years looking at options from renovating to starting over and building new. Working with the local zoning by-laws, we arrived at a solution that preserved and added on to the original structure in a way that was both practical and had a bit of whimsy. 

A screened porch addition was removed to open up views of the lake.  Interior walls were eliminated to provide a more generous living area.  A breezeway was built to connect the existing cottage to the addition, which houses the more private areas – the main bedroom, ping pong/guest room and laundry.  It also serves as a catch all, with tile floors for wet feet, a raised operable skylight that allows for stack effect cooling, is sealed off from the living areas, providing much needed buffer in mosquito season.  (use what we wrote in IG post)

The client engaged a local builder and oversaw construction directly, which proved difficult and time consuming.  MOSS SUND provided support when needed to get the project to the finish line.  

Sometimes life is a long journey, but the end is worth the wait.  For our client, the result is a comfortable, calm space with moments of fun.   Just what cottage living should be!

“It’s been a wonderful summer for being up here, and I am now so happy that we did this project! It’s been a perfect escape from the pandemic constraints of urban life. “