Sited on 23 acres of rolling Oak Ridges Moraine, MOSS SUND was tasked by the client with incorporating both an existing 1960’s summer house and a stone foundation remnant from a barn fire into the design for a new house for their young, active family.

The materials – a timber frame structure, poured concrete floors, high levels of insulation and roof membrane protected by green roofs – are all chosen for durability.  

The new systems of the house are based on very old principles of using the sun and wind’s effects on the materials of the building to provide heating and cooling.  Standard passive solar design principles are used with glazing and large overhangs on the south side and concrete floors as a heat sink on the interior.  The unique feature of this house is the ‘sun hall’ where the stone foundation wall divides the circulation space from the service areas and acts as a trombe wall collecting heat from the winter sun.

Large windows provide views of the rolling moraine from every room in the house.

Green Features:
  • High level insulation
  • Passive solar design
  • Trombe wall