MOSS SUND has been involved in creating MRI Suites for over 15 years. MRI Scan rooms are unique from other diagnostic rooms in that only non-ferromagnetic materials can be used, the walls require Radiofrequency (RF) shielding, and in some instances magnetic shielding to contain the magnet’s 5 Gauss (.5mT) line within the scan room. Also known as the pacemaker safety line, 5 Gauss and below are considered ‘safe’ levels of static magnetic field exposure. In addition, there are many mechanical and electrical services requirements, including emergency helium exhaust and vent. 

We were thrilled to be invited to provide our architectural expertise for a new dual MRI suite at Joseph Brant Hospital. The project entailed a new 3.0T MRI Scan Room, renovation of the existing 1.5T magnet scan room and the creation of a shared control room. 

The project’s construction occurred in 2 phases to allow the Hospital to maintain provision of patient care. The existing 1.5T MRI scan room had to stay operational during the construction of the new 3.0T MRI suite, and the newly constructed 3.0T MRI needed to stay operational during the renovation of the existing 1.5T MRI. 

During the project, we used a few design tools including a rendered video walk-thru, to assist the Hospital’s stakeholders to visualize and make design decisions, from flooring and millwork, to cryo vent roof supports. Working in close collaboration and communications with this fantastic project team, kept the project moving forward to meet timelines and create a thoughtful design for a practical environment.

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