This was a simple wood frame semi-detached home that had been reimagined several times since it was built as worker housing in the early 1900s. The house was suffering from a previously done renovation and addition – it was poorly insulated and drafty with a host of issues. The existing plumbing, duct work and electrical were all past their service life – this was a classic downtown Toronto semi that needed to be gutted and put back together to make it ready for another 100 + years

This project included a full renovation and rear addition to completely revamp the home with a great open plan layout, lots of light and an amazing kitchen. A primary suite was added to the 2nd floor. Existing and new exterior walls, roofs and floors were insulated from the inside and the whole house was wrapped in a continuous layer of insulation with new finishes on the exterior. New larger energy efficient windows were added and the party wall was sealed to improve air tightness and noise transmission. Several blower door tests were done to identify areas of leakage. The home was designed for stack effect cooling where operable skylights draw cool air from the basement up through the house, and the basement has a large window well for natural light, egress and air flow.

Next step in the plan is to switch the furnace out for an Air Source Heat Pump and add solar panels to generate electricity – which will make the home Net Zero.

Green Features
  • Stack effect cooling
  • Superior insulation
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Increase in natural light