A former small Beach bungalow, this property underwent a complete interior renovation and second storey addition, transforming it into a modern, environmentally friendly family home.  One of the biggest challenges was how to maximize the natural light in the east-facing house while preserving an enormous oak tree situated precariously close to the rear of the home. Our design solution was to cut a slot through the centre of the house and to insert an extended lightwell staircase. The height of the staircase, combined with multiple skylights, afford tremendous natural light, beautiful treeline views, and the use of stack effect cooling. In addition, slate tiles along the wall of the stairwell provide passive solar heating as well as a dramatic visual accent. The selection of materials reflected a commitment to locally sourced and recycled finishes. The result is a modern, green home that still respects and blends with the character of the local neighbourhood.  

Green Features:
  • Energy efficient envelope
  • Central lightwell and heatsink for passive solar heating and daylighting
  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Water efficient fixtures
  • Resource efficiency
  • Green roof
  • Local, reclaimed and recycled materials