Pre-design and architectural services

We have been working with home and building owners for over 25 years - guiding them from initial idea through design, construction, move in and beyond! We work closely with our clients to make the process as clear and smooth as possible.

Working with MOSS SUND

MOSS SUND is a full-service architecture firm – meaning we work with you from the initial idea to construction completion. Well-versed in the practice of energy efficiency, green building practices and healthy houses, our firm strives to meet the needs of our clients with thoughtful, beautiful designs that work well with their surroundings. We listen closely to our clients to create both a project that meets your goals and priorities and a great experience for you.

With over 2 decades of helping owners create their dream project, we have found that the more knowledge you have upfront, the more successful the project! We have developed a (free!) guide to residential construction for for homeowners and a suite of pre-design services: Virtual Consultations, Feasibility Studies and Net Zero Plans that will help get your project off on the right track.


Architectural Services

Our full range of architectural services provides a seamless and comprehensive approach to successfully completing your project. From the initial idea stage through construction, our team remains closely engaged with you and directly involved in every aspect of your project. Core services include:

Core services include:


In this initial design phase, the project starts to take shape. We will explore big picture ideas to achieve your project goals. We look at various options to help determine which direction your project should go. Throughout the phases we check budgets and approval requirements.


Now we focus in and look at the details including design, structure, mechanical and electrical components. At this stage any required approvals (committee of adjustment, tree, heritage, site plan, conservation, landlord etc) will be underway.


Next, we will prepare detailed documents including drawings and material specifications that the contractor will use to construct the project. All the consultants for the project will be selected, and materials and details will be defined. A complete set of drawings will be submitted to the City for a Building Permit, which will have on it everything a contractor needs to start building!


In this Phase we work with the homeowner to engage a contractor and negotiate the construction contract. The process for contractor selection and tender depends on the client and scope of the project.


Our role during construction is to administer the contract between the owner and contractor. We review the work, answer any questions the contractor may have and resolve site issues as they come up so you can watch your project come to life!

Additional Services

  • Pre-Design
  • Building Analysis and Reports
  • Site Selection/Analysis 
  • Facility Programming, Space Relationships, Flow Diagrams
  • Energy Studies 
  • Services Related to Demolition 
  • Separate, Negotiated or Alternate Bids 
  • Signage
  • Non-building Equipment Selection
  • One-year Warranty Inspections
  • Special Studies (Future Facilities, Environmental Impact, etc.) 
  • Special Submissions or Promotional Presentations
  • Special Models, Perspectives or Computer Presentations 
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design


Click here to link to the RAIC guide to Architectural fees