Thoughtful Designs for Practical Environments

Since MOSS SUND’s inception in 2005, we have been involved in over 70 healthcare projects. These projects include MRI suites, CT suites, PET CT Suites, cath labs, angiography rooms, linear accelerator vaults, x-ray rooms, and the patient support spaces associated with them, such as nurse stations, stretcher bays and technician work areas. 

Well versed in the turn-key project delivery format, we know that a successful project is based on a strong collaboration with a great team consisting of project managers, consultants, equipment vendors, contractors and user groups. 

We understand that renovation in an existing hospital comes with added complexity associated with incorporating new technologies and latest building standards in older infrastructure, and the requirement for adjacent areas to remain operational during construction. We love finding creative ways to use these challenges to enhance the design, so what is noticed in the end, is the calmness of the walls and ceilings, and not the hidden infrastructure that make these rooms function seamlessly.

Our approach to healthcare design is simple. While we cater to the multifaceted needs and priorities of numerous stakeholders, under tight timelines, strict budgets, and complex technological and operational considerations, we never lose sight of the ultimate priority – the experience of the healthcare workers and the patient who will use the facilities for years to come.